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Angi Máté

The English version of VOLT EGYSZER EGY (Budapest: Pozsonyi Pagony, 2010.)
Illustrated by Sarolta Szulyovszky

Reading Angi Máté’s stories we understand not only the essence, the meaning of certain natural phenomena, animals or objects from our everyday life, but being personified the basic longings, needs, joys, the richness of the relationships of our human condition are mirrored to us through them.
The puddle and the cloud for example are angry at each other like two up-stage neighbours, the stone wants to be useful, to please others, a wish that many of us have.
However the originality and extraordinary quality of the writer is most striking in her style.
She does not only choose and order the words but creates and moulds them. János Lackfi, one of the most acknowledged children’s authors in Hungary says that Angi Máte’s voice evokes the voice of ancient legends; nevertheless this voice does not cease to be fresh and new to us.

Sára Szulyovszky drew a magic world to the nineteen stories of the book. The dreamlike reality appearing on the pages appeals to both children and adults as well.

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The illustrations of the book may be seen at Sarolta Szulyovszky’s blog