TEXTBRIDGE | Translation and Editing

Translation and Editing

  1. Textbridge provides either in-house or out-sourced translation from 
    • Hungarian -> into English,
    • Hungarian -> into German,
    • Hungarian -> into Romanian.

  2. Textbridge provides either in-house or out-sourced translation from:
    • English -> into Hungarian,
    • German -> into Hungarian,
    • Romanian -> into Hungarian

While not yet a fully authorized translator, Ms. Daray received Band 4 (the highest rank possible) for the Language and background to language learning and teaching module that was part of TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test).


  • András Visky: Green Relief (drama). 2010. (Translated from Hungarian into English by Erzsébet Daray with  Ailisha O'Sullivan)
  • John Stott: Korunk égető kérdései. [Issues Facing Christians Today.] Budapest, 2009, Harmat Publisher. (Translated by Erzsébet Daray from English into Hungarian, Chapters 9-16)
  • Zágoni Balázs: Kincses Képeskönyv. Kolozsvár. [Treasure Picture-book, Cluj], Cluj, 2007, Koinónia-Projectograph. (Editing, Erzsébet Daray).
  • Zágoni Balázs: Kincses Képeskönyv. Marosvásárhely. [ Treasure Picture-book, Targu-Mures] Cluj, 2008, Koinónia-Projectograph. (Editing, Erzsébet Daray).