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Sarolta Szulyovszky


Sarolta Szulyovszky was born in 1972 in Budapest. She has been living in Italy since 1997.

She studied packing design in Sopron at the West-Hungary University and later on computer design in Udine, Italy.

She has been working as a graphic artist and illustrator in Italy since 2004. She does design workshops for children in schools and libraries.

Children’s books published with her illustrations:

Casa Editrice Fatatrac - Italy, Edizioni Corsare - Italy, L'Omino Rosso Editore - Italy, Falzea Editore - Italy, Edizioni Leonardo - Italy, Bookart - Romania, Stádium Publisher - Hungary, Pozsonyi Pagony - Hungary, Csimota Kiadó - Hungary.

In 2010 her first book was published that was written and illustrated by her: A hálás virág  [The Grateful Flower] (Csimota Publisher, Hungary / Edizioni Leonardo, Italy).

She is regularly present at exhibitions as the International Exhibition of Illustrations for Children Sarmede, Turin International Book Fair). She has won several international awards for her illustrations. In 2009 she won the shared first prize award in Budapest – Aranyvackor – together with the writer Angi Máté.

The book design of all her published books have been made by the Italian graphic designer Luca Morandini.


Works represented by Textbridge Literary Agency

Illustrations for Angi Máte's book: ONCE THERE WAS [English version of VOLT EGYSZER EGY. Budapest: Pozsonyi Pagony,  2010.]