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Ágnes Keszeg


Ágnes Keszeg graduated from the University of Arts and Design in Cluj. While still a student, she began designing children’s clothes for a company and realized that she was more interested in simply drawing clothes.

“I am a free-lance artist, working with book publishers such as Cerkabella from Hungary and Koinónia, Nemira, Art, Paralela 45, and Erdélyi Híradó from Romania. In addition to illustrating children’s books, I also work for fashion and women’s magazines including Elle, Elle marriage, InStyle (Hungarian edition), Nők Lapja, Psychologies and children’s magazines such as Napsugár and Szivárvány.

 “I make fashion-dolls as well in order to practice tailoring. My dolls are the same size as my girls on the drawing board - I call them the three dimensional versions of my fashion drawings.”

 Works represented by Textbridge Literary Agency

 Illustrations for Axel Hambræus: The Legend of the First Christmas Presents.  Published by Koinónia Publisher in Hungarian (Cluj, 2010) and by Cartea Copiilor in Romanian (Bucharest, 2010).