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Levente Horváth, PhD


Levente Horváth is a pastor in the Hungarian Reformed Church in Transylvania, Romania. He pastored congregations in Târgu-Mures and in the small village of Istihaza and was for some years a religious education teacher at the Reformed High School in Cluj, where he also taught at the Religious Teacher’s Training College. He was the first secretary of IKE (Young Christians’ Association) and along with several others founded the Genezius Association ministry for university students and Koinónia Publishing.

In 1993, he played a role in the restarting of the Kis Tükör mission magazine, a publication originally founded at the beginning of the 20th century by theology professor István Kecskeméthy, PhD who was also one of the leading figures of the Christian revival movement in Transylvania.

“I have been a missionary pastor since 1993 and am the founder and leader of the Bonus Pastor Foundation and the Reformed Mission for Addicts. In 2007, together with a few likeminded individuals, I founded the Trans-Silvanus Institute, a missionary training bible school. Our aim is to train lay people for mission-work, evangelization and diaconal work. I defended my doctoral thesis in 2009 at the University of Lampeter, Wales.

I enjoy reading literature, theological and, occasionally, philosophical works. and I live in Cluj. Together with my wife we are the happy parents of four boys and a girl and we live “out of God”.

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